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Sun August 15th,2004, 12:01 PM
Items for sale! You'll find gear, books, videos, and paperbacks listed below. There are knives and USGI gear at the bottom!

I have rearranged the items so the sold items are at the end. All prices have been lowered!

Prices listed are starting points for individual sales, speak with me about multiple purchases and I am open to offers. I'm here to sell, not take up space! :) I'm also open to 'possible' trades! I'm not really looking for anything currently, but let me know what you have to get rid of.

AMERICAN SURVIVAL GUIDE MAGAZINES: I'll sell all 23 issues shipped via media mail for $35.
I have two batches of ASG I'm willing to let go. Asking $2.50 per issue shipped via media mail, multiple deals get discounts!
Here's the first batch:
1982-Aug, Nov
1992-Jan, Apr
1996-May, Jul, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
1997-Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Jun, Jul, Aug, Dec
1999-Feb, Jul

Paperback books-:$1.25 each shipped via media mail.

There are 47 paperbacks in the Forgotten Realms, Dark Sun and Dragonlance series listed here, I would sell all 47 books shipped via media mail for $40.
Forgotten Realms series:
Pool of Twilight
Pool of Darkness
Pools of Radiance
The Finder's Stone Trilogy-#1-Azure Bonds, #2-The Wyvern's Spur, #3-Song of the Saurials
The Druidhome Trilogy-#1-Prophet of Moonshae, #2?, #3?
The Maztica Trilogy-#1-Ironhelm, #2-Viperhand, #3-Feathered Dragon
The Empires Trilogy-#1,#2-Dragonwall,#3-Crusade
The Avatar Trilogy-#1-Shadowdale, #2-Tantras, #3-Waterdeep
The Icewind Dale Trilogy-#1-The Crystal Shard, #2-Streams of Silver, #3-The Halfling's Gem
The Cleric Quintet-#1-Canticle, #2-In Sylvan Shadows, #3-, #4-The Fallen Fortress
The Moonshae Trilogy-#1-Moonwalkder on Moonshae, #2-Black Wizards, #3-Darkwell
Dark Elf Trilogy-#1-Homeland, #2-Exile, #3-Sojourn
The Harpers Series-#1-The Parched Sea, #2-Elfshadow, #3-Red Magic, #4-The Night Parade, #5-The Ring of Winter, #6-Crypt of the Shadowking, (#7-Soldiers of Ice- this book has been exposed to some rusty water on one corner and is still legible-FREE with the rest of the Harpers Series) #8-Elfsong,

Dark Sun Series:.
Pentad Prism-#1-The Verdan Passage, #2-The Crimson Legeion,(#3-The Amber Enchantress-This has gotten wet and is still legible-FREE with the rest of the Pentad Prism,) #4-The Obsidian Oracle, #5-The Cerulean Storm

The Elven Nations Trilogy-#1-Firstborn, #2-The Kinslayer Wards, #3-The Qualinesti
The Dwarven Nations Trilogy-#2 Hammer and Axe, #3-The Swordsheath Scroll

Other Paperbacks: prices include shipping via media mail.

The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel-$4
West of Eden and Winter in Eden by Harry Harrison-$6 for the pair
Snow Brother by S.M. Stirling $1.50
Warrior and Wanderer by Donald E. McQuinn-$8 for the pair

Hardcover Books: various topics,

Last Stand: Famous Battles Against the Odds by Bryan Perrett-$5
Kommando: German Special Forces of WWII by James Lucas-$5

NAHC books and video package: I'll sell all six books and all six videos together for $55 shipped via media mail.
North American Hunting Club books: $7 each shipped via media mail or all 6 for $35.
I have read all of these once or twice, otherwise they haven't been opened much if at all.

Mastering Mule Deer by Van Zwoll
High Country Hunting by Bare
Guides' Tales of Adventure by various authors
Hunting Whitetails Successfully by Fears
Complete Bowhunting by Helgeland
For Big Bucks Only by Murray

North American Hunting Club videos: $6 each shipped via media mail or all 6 for $30
There are six volumes numbers 1,3,4,6,7,8.
I had the other volumes at one time, but only kept the BEST returning 2 and 5 hence the incomplete set! These have only been played a couple of times. They offer
a unique blend of instructional segments prepared by the NAHC staff and member video of hunts and interesting events.

Two USGI 1qt. canteens, covers(1-desert, 1-woodland), and one canteen cup-$15 for all shipped!

One NEW Pocket Chainsaw with handles, never used out of the package with instructions-$20 shipped.


VICTORINOX Swiss Army Knife ‘Offiser’ Model, has large blade, small blade, scissors, saw, fish scaler, bottle opener/screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, corkscrew, can opener/small screwdriver, tweezers and toothpick-$18 shipped.

Buck Solitaire crosslock single blade, black-$18 shipped.

WENGER Swiss Army Knives-one small and one medium both shipped for $10.


There are 33 Military paperbacks listed here, I would sell all 33 books shipped via media mail for $35.

Inside the Green Berets by Charles M. Simpson III
Green Berets at War by Shelby L. Stanton
Green Beret: Unconventional Warriors by Hans Halberstadt
Snake-Eater by Lt. Don Bendell
The Advisor: Counter-Terrorism: the War Within the War by Lt. Col. John L. Cook
Reflections of a Warrior: A Green Beret's Six Deadly Years in Vietnam by Franklin D. Miller
SOG by John L. Plaster
Parthian Shot (novel) by Loyd Little
No Greater Lover:A day with the Mobile Guerrilla Force in Vietnam by James C. Donahue
Mike Force by Lt. Col. L.H. "Bucky" Burruss

L.R.R.P.: The Professional by Frank Camper
Rangers at War: LRRPs in Vietnam by Shelby L. Stantaon
LRRP Team Leader by John Burford (TWO COPIES)
The Eyes of the Eagle: F Co. LRPs in Vietnam, 1968 by Gary A Linderer
Special Men: A LRPs Recollections by Dennis Foley
Inside the LRRPs: Ranger in Vietnam by Michael Lee Lanning
4/4: A LRPs Narrative by Gary Douglas Ford

Force Recon Command: 3rd Force Recon Co. in Vietnam, 1969-1970 by Lt. Col. Alex Lee

Marine Sniper (Carlos Hathcock) by Charles Henderson
13 Cent Killers: THe 5th Marine Snipers in Vietnam by John J. Culbertson

-Inside the S.A.S. by Tony Geraghty
SPETZNAZ: The Inside Story of the Soviet Special Forces by Viktor Suvorov

The Element of Surprise: Navy SEALs in Vietnam by Darryl Young
Rogue Warrior by Richard Marcinko

Snake Driver: Cobras in Veitnam by Bob Rosenburgh
Apache Sunrise by Jerome M. Boyle
Maverick by Dennis J. Marvicsin
Chickenhawk by Robert Mason
Brennan's War: Vietnam 1965-1969 (Air Cav.) by Matthew Brennan

Acceptable Loss by Kregg P.J. Jorgenson
We Were Soldiers Once...And Young (MUCH better than the movie!!) By Lt. Gen. Harold G. Moore
Dragons at War: Land Battle in the Desert by Daniel P. Bolger
Panzer Aces by Franz Kurowski

Out of the Ashes by William W. Johnstone-$4

Two USGI M-16 magazine pouches, no grenade pouches and no dividers-$10 shipped! SOLD!

One Lyman Keith-style mold #429421-This is a 245gr Keith style SWC I believe, no handles-$20 shipped! SOLD!

Zwickey broadheads(7)-11/32” 4 bladed Eskimos,-$15. SOLD! All are used, some only for flight testing, but have lots of life left, I’ve found Journeyman’s fly better with my setup.

I would prefer USPS MO and ship via USPS.

Please contact me via EMAIL as I may not get back here in a timely manner.

Thank you!
PLAINSMAN :) plainsmanscabin@yahoo.com

Sun August 15th,2004, 03:17 PM
The LYMAN MOLD is a single cavity and is available again for $15!