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Mossyhorns Wed July 13th,2011 08:10 PM

IL Squirrel Opens Aug.1st
although its hot and buggy, its a challange getting them rascals with so many leaves on the trees.

CSA Fri July 15th,2011 12:01 PM

Re: IL Squirrel Opens Aug.1st
Come shoot some here it will only take 30 of them to make a meal LOL

Mossyhorns Fri July 15th,2011 09:53 PM

Re: IL Squirrel Opens Aug.1st
Are they greys, blacks, or really small reds ? Thank god for thermacells !!

CSA Sat July 16th,2011 06:53 PM

Re: IL Squirrel Opens Aug.1st
Pine squirrel very small, not worth the .22 round.

Mossyhorns Wed August 3rd,2011 11:22 AM

Re: IL Squirrel Opens Aug.1st
Boy it's been way to hot to go out snipen bushytails, been 100% humidity and up in the mid and high 90s.By the time it cools off, i'll be too busy cutting firewood for the winter.About 8 wks and i figure ill be firing up the wood burner at nights.

CSA Wed August 3rd,2011 11:36 AM

Re: IL Squirrel Opens Aug.1st
I'm about half way done with my wood it takes 7 cords to two houses.

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