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Default Anti-freeze Coyote And Fox Sets?

this topic may be stale but i thought it was worth a line or two. i live in western maryland. about 10 miles to my southeast lives the best fox trapper this side of the mississippi. you all know who he is or have heard the name. when i asked him this very question not more than 4 days ago he told me to use anti-freeze crystals, one tablespoon mixed with your sifted dirt. the fields out here right now are damp not snow covered anymore, and overnight the ground freezes and stays frozen until around mid morning when it thaws. the crystals are keeping the set soil damp through the night. from my personal experience i first used an anti-freeze powder mixed with damp dirt. this does not work. i ended up with some #2 victors frozen so stiff you could step on the pan pry up the dog and the jaws didnt move at all. im guessing the powder is meant as a treatment to bone dry dirt pre-mixed and taken to the set. the crystals however i am mixing at the set with the damp soil dug up from the dirthole. i usually dont "bed" my traps at dirtholes because of the type i use but i have been lining the bottom of the bed and inner jaws with chopped up field grass( works like stoes cover hulls ), plus i dont need as much dirt then to cover the trap.
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