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Default Anti-freeze Coyote And Fox Sets?

if the grass you are using for bedding is green its going to smell up the set and get slimy also. i use dead browned field grass, hay and hollow reed grass will freeze. the anti-freeze crystal i use is by leggetts. it looks identical to rock salt except it is pure white. if your crystal is too big to pass through your sifter youll have to sift some dirt and add crystals in layers, but very thin layers so you have a good mix. remember as long as the soil stays damp its not frozen and its business as usual. and i think you are on the right track with the dirt/salt/sand mixture, at least you are experimenting and thats what it takes, but i think you can simplify with equal if not better results. heres a trick for you..mix your antifreeze agent with some soil just as you would at the set, then put it in your refrigerator freezer overnight. if it freezes you know to add more antifreeze.
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