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Default Technique For Winter Trout And Reds

Most important technique is to know when and where to go. For reds it's any time you have low water. Where to go takes hundreds of hours on the water to know unless you have someone to show you. No offence but i call these guys sporties. You can tell a sportie every time. He will have a 20.000 dollar rig and stops in the middle of nowhere and start fishing. He doesn't know why he's fishing there just thinks it might be a good place to start. You have to know what the fish you are trying to catch likes. For reds they like to hang around oysters and on sunny days will move to shallows to feed. I prefer to use a plastic body shad or minnow with as light of a lead head as you can cast. Usually 1/4 oz. Preffered color is chartreuse sparkle. This works well for me for reds and trout in winter. Keep the bait bouncing on the bottom and short jerks then let fall back to bottom. Trout seem to like higher water. Current is a plus also for reds and trout. Find a current break or rip rap made by current running past a point or over an oyster bead or even over a shallow spot in the creek. Any disturbance in the flow of water is good. Straight shorelines are usually poor fishing. I Never fished anywhere but florida and i know these methods work here. But it may not be so in some other part of the country.

written by bjmcl
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